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bug#2355: 23.0.60; Enabling minor-mode disables major mode

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#2355: 23.0.60; Enabling minor-mode disables major mode
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 09:23:42 -0500
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> But we are only talking about file variables in this case. There are two
> ways of specifying file variables: in the header and at the end of the
> file.

> When they contain the pseudo-variable mode specifying a minor mode, they
> behave differently.

> The two behaviours are as follows.

> 1. put file in fundamental mode and the minor mode (when in header)
> 2. put file in a major mode by auto mode detection and the minor mode
>    (when at the end of file)

> This causes confusion. Do you think this is a bug? If not, I think at
> least the manual can be improved.

Yes, the difference is undesirable.  IIUC there's also another
difference: if the major mode is specified at the end, it is set after
setting the major-mode based on the file name.

It would be good to fix those discrepancies.

But it would also be good to improve the documentation so as to say
clearly that at least one of the `mode's specified should be
a major mode.


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