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bug#2414: 23.0.90; use dired-guess-default too for minibuffer-default-ad

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#2414: 23.0.90; use dired-guess-default too for minibuffer-default-add-shell-commands
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 16:25:47 -0800

> > Come to think of it, there might be a reason for Dired to 
> > keep its own set of such rules, in *addition* to creating
> > a global set. That might be handy for use by code and hooks
> > etc. Dunno.
> >
> > But the main thing is to move these two alists out of 
> > Dired-X and make their associations available generally,
> > in the same way as the MIME associations are available
> > generally.
> I mostly agree but such a general task is for after the release.


> However, now I fixed an omission in dired-x.el to use exactly
> the same functions as were implemented for dired-aux.el
> (using read-shell-command instead of read-from-minibuffer and
> correctly setting minibuffer-default-add-dired-shell-commands
> in dired-read-shell-command).  This causes MIME commands to be
> automatically added after guess-shell commands.  So currently
> Dired-x users can be more happy because they have both command sets.

Looks good.

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