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bug#2473: usability issues on emacs's describe-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#2473: usability issues on emacs's describe-mode
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 15:58:59 -0800

>     I see a 3rd way: make the buffer present an expandable 
>     list of modes, starting with just 2 items: the current major modes and 
>     "minor modes", e.g. similar to what we do in Speedbar, or maybe in Outline
>     (under "Hide Sublevels").  In ASCII art:
>       + Major Mode: RMAIL Mode
>       + Minor Modes
> Using hiding is a good idea -- thanks.
> I think that partcular way would be inconvenient.  Specifically, it
> would be a hassle to initially hide the major mode documentation.
> That is what users most often want to see; making them type a command
> to expose it would be a gratuitous hassle.
> So I suggest putting the partly-hidden minor mode list first,
> followed by the totally visible major mode documentation.

I misread what Eli wrote. I thought he suggested showing the major-mode info, by

That is what I would prefer: 

* Use expandable/contractable entries for each mode (including the major mode).
* Expand the major mode info, by default.
* Put the major mode entry *before* the minor mode entries (like it is now).

IOW, I disagree with Richard about the order - keep the major mode first. We've
already discussed this and decided to put minor-mode info after major mode info.
That's TRT, IMO.

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