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bug#2546: toolbar bug

From: Adrian Robert
Subject: bug#2546: toolbar bug
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 16:56:05 +0200

The calculation method that was commented out in x_set_window_size() works here, and I've committed it to CVS. As mentioned in the comment, this would sometimes fail previously if the toolbar had not been displayed yet. I believe the relevant call would be [toolbar setVisible: true] and this normally happens in nsmenu.c: ns_update_toolbar(). When a new frame is created, it is initially set to NOT visible in EmacsView-initFrameFromEmacs, because it will be turned on if needed and after it is ready by ns_update_toolbar(). However, if this gets called AFTER x_set_window_size(), it could cause the failure. If you still see it in your environment, could you try throwing in a call to [[view toolbar] setVisible: true] in the 'if (tb)' section before calling frameRectForContentRect, and see if that helps?

BTW I changed the order of the COCOA and GNUstep implementations to agree with the XXX comment just above. This was accidentally reversed during a time when emacs-devel was asking me to get rid of one of NS_IMPL_COCOA, NS_IMPL_GNUSTEP and I did not realize at first that this was impossible.


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