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bug#2752: Emacs wrap tab is broken

From: Rune Buje Christensen
Subject: bug#2752: Emacs wrap tab is broken
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 10:09:01 +0100
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Dear emacs team

I am using emacs as a c++ editor.
Today I found a bug. I was trying to click a wrapped line to insert som text, and I found the mouse was off by 3-4 characters.

This happens when emacs is wrapping a long line of text right in the middle of a tab (tabulator width 8 chars). The mouse is then off by 3-4 characters proberly corresponding to the wrapped part of the tab. It only happens on the wrapped part of the line, the first part works fine.

PS. I also tried fitting the width of emacs, to a multiplum of the tab width eg. 80 lines wide. Then the line is wrapped between two tabs and the bug does not appear.

Have a nice day ;-)

/Rune Buje Christensen
Medical Insight

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