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bug#2403: And the guilty is: Garbage Collecting leak

From: Pierre Poissinger
Subject: bug#2403: And the guilty is: Garbage Collecting leak
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 23:56:15 +0200

> Than you very much, installed.
You are welcome

> Other arches don't use GCPROs at all, instead they conservatively scan
> the whole stack.  They do that by setting
> in the corresponding emacs/src/s/*.h.  This is the preferred way to
> function, so if you can test it and confirm that it works as well under
> AIX, we could set it for that OS as well.
Oups - I actually didn't look so far - readed that same bug hit
GNU/Linux on Super7 so didn't look further...
Since I was in a good mood (Emacs 23 working on my boxes) I took the
liberty to also define GC_SETJMP_WORKS since I saw it next to
GC_MARK_STACK [and ok, I felt lucky...]

So far so good - full build/bootstrapping went fine from latest git
master - basic testing don't show regressions - will see tomorrow if
something fishy pops during work, otherwise looks fine.

In case of need: the compiler used is a gcc-2.9-aix51 on a good old
aix 5.2 - didn't have the courage to try the outdated xlc...

* To be able to build emacs with X support (I was really in a good
mood): Had to correct 2 files with "old compilers are grumpy" errors
* The actual change I made to src/s/aix-4-2.h

>>> horsemen = ['war', 'pestilence', 'famine']
>>> horsemen.append('Powerbuilder')

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