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bug#3035: 23.0.92; doc, terminology for graphics, display, terminal, etc

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3035: 23.0.92; doc, terminology for graphics, display, terminal, etc.
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 00:17:04 -0700

> > Your reply hardly replies to all that is in the bug report.
> Which is why the bug isn't closed yet.

I understand that.

> Really, Drew, you need to learn not to be so hard on people who are
> trying to give serious attention to your report.  If you think your
> attitude helps boost motivation, think again.

Giving attention to a bug report is not somehow doing a favor for the person who
reported the bug. Reporting a bug and fixing a bug are similarly (if not
equally) contributions to all Emacs users. I'm not asking for a favor; I'm
reporting a context in which one user found the doc confusing or wanting. HTH.
If that feedback helps, fine; if not, move on.

Really Eli, you need to stop telling others what they need to do. ;-) In
particular with regard to presumed attitudes, intentions, and motivations. Tell
your dog or your 2-year old what he needs to do, if you really have a need to
preach. Spare the rest of us your presumptuous sermons.

Do you have something to contribute to the bug thread? I'll bet you might, as
you often make improvements to the doc. But if not... 

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