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bug#1785: bug#1547: face-font-rescale-alist has no effect

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#1785: bug#1547: face-font-rescale-alist has no effect
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 14:14:52 -0400
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>> > What I currently don't understand is that the font rescaling doesn't
>> > work for the default font in the above case even after
>> > (clear-face-cache t).  I'm now investigating the reason.
>> I think the problem here is that the opened font objects are already
>> stored in the LFACE_FONT entry of the default face.  Note that
>> M-: (set-face-attribute 'default nil :font (font-spec)) RET
>> successfully refreshes the face with the correct rescaling.

> Until a better solution comes along, I propose dealing with this
> situation with the following hack in startup.el: check to see if the
> init file changed face-font-rescale-alist, and reload the default face
> if necessary.

Can't we fix it right and make clear-face-cache refresh the default face
as well?  If the right fix is really too much trouble, then I guess your
workaround is OK, but then it needs to come with a heavy dose of
comments explaining why it's there and how to get rid of it.


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