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bug#3081: 23.0.92; x-list-fonts no longer gives correct result - substit

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3081: 23.0.92; x-list-fonts no longer gives correct result - substitutes * forfixed font size
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 06:58:07 -0700

> > > If you don't specify a family, which family is selected is
> > > completely arbitrary.
> > I guess you're speaking about #2 and #3 - the nil values. 
> > That's OK. (And thanks for the explanation.)
> No, I'm speaking about #4.  In #2 and #3 you specify family
> name ("fixed" and "terminal" respectively).

Oh, right. That's OK too.

> +         /* This is a scalable font.  For backward compatibility,
> +            we set the specified size. */

It's not important, but I disagree a bit with that characterization. This is not
just for backward compatibility. If you provide size in the input pattern, then
it should be taken into account, regardless of the Emacs version (going backward
or forward). Same thing with other input fields - they need to be matched and

I mention this because that comment might lead someone to believe at some point
that this was no longer needed.


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