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bug#3108: 23.0.92; 2C-command: missing arglist

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3108: 23.0.92; 2C-command: missing arglist
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 06:52:51 -0700

> > Emacs 22 is more correct here, since the arglist is 
> > missing.  Even if there is no doc string, we should show the signature.
> 2C-command is a keymap, it does not have an arglist.


Then in that case, shouldn't the help show something like this:
"Prefix command (definition is a keymap associating keystrokes with commands)."

That is shown after the library is loaded, but not before. Why is it that,
before loading (i.e. just from the autoload), help (1) is capable of saying
which (prefix) keys the command is bound to, but (2) is not capable of adding
the line saying that it is a prefix command (keymap etc.)?

Just wondering if that sentence couldn't be included even before loading. Is it
because we cannot know at that time that the keys are prefix keys?

The autoload cookie is this:
;;;###autoload (autoload '2C-command "two-column" () t 'keymap)

That would seem to provide the info that this is a prefix key.

Not very important, but if this could be improved it would help. You can close
the bug (and bug #3109), if you like.

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