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bug#1804: 23.0.60; (with-ns) application preferences should be global

From: David Reitter
Subject: bug#1804: 23.0.60; (with-ns) application preferences should be global
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 09:25:36 -0400

7. Select a font 8. (nothing happens) 9. Click on a currently open emacs frame (not the Preferences window). 10. (the Preferences window loses keyboard focus) 11. Select a font (from the font panel) 12. (The font of the currently focused frame will change.) 13. (The font of the second frame will not change.)

I don't think that the font panel should apply globally (at least not in GNU Emacs); also because it gives the user less control. However, it should set the font for future frames, because there is no other way to set that through the GUI (w/o customization buffer). Perhaps that would serve as a working compromise. For that, try the code below.

(defun ns-respond-to-change-font ()
  "Respond to changeFont: event, expecting ns-input-font and\n\
ns-input-fontsize of new font."
  (let ((face 'default))
    (set-face-attribute face t
                        :family ns-input-font
                        :height (* 10 ns-input-fontsize))
    (set-face-attribute face (selected-frame)
                        :family ns-input-font
                        :height (* 10 ns-input-fontsize))
    (let ((spec
           (list (list t (face-attr-construct 'default)))))
      (put face 'customized-face spec)
      (custom-push-theme 'theme-face face 'user 'set spec)
      (put face 'face-modified nil))))

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