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bug#3142: 23.0.92; split-window-prefered-function should be able to use

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#3142: 23.0.92; split-window-prefered-function should be able to use split-window-horizontally/split-window-vertically
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 09:13:19 +0200
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>> That's not obvious!  I like the idea of the split window thresholds,
>> but it needs to be a lot more obvious how to use them.  What's wrong
>> with my suggestion to change the customize interface to have two more
>> options "Always split vertical" and "Always split horizontal" that
>> calls the appropriate functions?
> I remember we once considered creating a default function with
> "intelligently splitting" logic (IOW, moving the `else' part of `if'
> in `window--try-to-split-window' to a separate function)
> and setting the default value of `split-window-preferred-function'
> to the name of this function.
> This will allow defining three const values in defcustom:
> - the default function name;
> - vertically splitting function;
> - horizontally splitting function;
> - and user-defined function's name.

Remains the question whether `split-window-preferred-function' should
always operate on the selected window or have a window argument.  AFAICT
nothing speaks for the window argument but the fact that people may have
customized this already.  Omitting the window argument would allow users
to put `split-window-vertically' directly as value of
`split-window-preferred-function' without having to delve any deeper.


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