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bug#3021: 23.0.92; MEM FULL on Windows after some VC operations

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: bug#3021: 23.0.92; MEM FULL on Windows after some VC operations
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 00:02:07 +0800
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Reiner Steib wrote:

- What do I need to install to debug a MinGW/MSYS build (Jason's
  build) on MS Vista?
gdb (from www.mingw.org)

- To put a breakpoint, of course I need to install the Emacs sources.
  How do I have to combine the source (emacs-*.tar.gz) and the binary
  (windows/emacs-*-bin-i386.zip) correctly?

Unzipping into the same directory should work - any files contained in both are identical, so no harm will come from replacing, or conversely from keeping the old ones.

- Jason suggested: "find the location where that message is emitted,
  and put a breakpoint there"...

  Can someone assist me with this?  I'm not familiar with Emacs' C
  code. From rgrep on 'MEM.FULL\|memory_full' it's not obvious for me
  which would be the right function.
So put a breakpoint on all locations that rgrep shows that message occuring.

To run gdb, follow the directions in etc/DEBUG and nt/INSTALL, notably:

Start Emacs from the src directory as: gdb ../bin/emacs.exe
This helps gdb find the source files, and also it will automatically include the extra functions in src/.gdbinit for inspecting lisp structures and other Emacs specific things.

To set a break point in gdb, type one of the following:

break functionname
break filename:linenum

to run emacs until a breakpoint is hit, type


this is the point to pass arguments to Emacs (not when starting gdb, or they will be interpreted as gdb arguments). So to run without init files

run -Q

You can also run gdb from inside Emacs, in which case setting breakpoints is easier - go to the line where you want the breakpoint in the source file's buffer, and press C-x SPC. But I have found gdb to be unstable within Emacs under Windows, YMMV.

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