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bug#3833: 23.0.96; Default for desktop-buffers-not-to-save omits files

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: bug#3833: 23.0.96; Default for desktop-buffers-not-to-save omits files
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 14:44:27 -0400

> Looking in desktop.el, I see that desktop-buffers-not-to-save
> intentionally omits buffers whose names end in ".log" and a couple
> others.  Sure thing, the files that were not visited after restarting
> ended in ".log".
> I think that variable's default should be nil.  I think it is up to
> the user to decide that she doesn't want to record some of the
> buffers/files.  It is no business of desktop.el to decide for the
> user.  Especially since there is no way of telling desktop.el to
> override the value of desktop-buffers-not-to-save for some specific
> buffer, short of renaming the buffer.

I agree that .log should be removed.  However, the two other items seem
to make sense: Gnus and FTP sessions, because desktop.el can't recreate
those.  If you'd like to remove .log, please go ahead and do so on the

> Similarly with desktop-files-not-to-save: its default should be nil,
> IMO.

These are remote (Tramp/ange-ftp) files.  Again, I think the rationale
is that desktop.el can't recreate them properly.

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