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bug#3846: *shell-mode* error

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#3846: *shell-mode* error
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 14:03:05 -0400
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"A. Soare" wrote:

> On the contrary, when I memorize the current directory (X) using
> pushd, then I make cd <new_dir>, then I execute popd, the
> *Completion* buffer will show the files from the directory
> <new_dir>, even I executed in the meantime popd. It should have
> displayed the files from X...

The precise recipe is missing, but the following sequence:

emacs -Q -f shell
cd /tmp

is not a valid sequence in the bash shell, because pushd with no
arguments exchanges the top two elements in the directory stack, and
the directory stack is empty at this point.

This on the other hand works fine, as it should:

emacs -Q -f shell
cd /tmp
pushd /usr
cd bin

If you are using tcsh with pushdtohome set, you want to set

You need to provide a recipe from emacs -Q that says what the problem
is, what your shell is, and any relevant shell options you have set.

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