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bug#3860: vc-svn calls "svn resolved" without permission

From: James Y Knight
Subject: bug#3860: vc-svn calls "svn resolved" without permission
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:43:06 -0400

Hi, I recently just switched to from Emacs 21 to Emacs 22 (22.2.1, on Debian Lenny), and was a bit disappointed to discover that vc-svn is now automatically calling "svn resolved" on files when I save them after removing conflict markers.

I use svn's list of conflicted files while working on merges, and tend to only call "resolved" on them when I'm *actually done* fixing a group of files. I'll note that emacs automatically calling "svn resolved" also destroys the .mine, .rOLD, and .rNEW files, which I wasn't actually done with yet. Having them disappear out from under me just because I've *partly* fixed things and saved is very counterintuitive!

There's a reason that svn makes you run "svn resolved" on files to note them as resolved instead of just checking for the lack of conflict markers, and vc-svn is totally destroying that nice behavior of svn. If it was a good idea to autoresolve when there's no conflict marker in the file, then "svn commit" would already do that!

IMO, the function "vc-svn-resolve-when-done" should just be removed entirely. But if not, it really should *at least* be asking for confirmation first before causing the merge working data to be deleted.

Relatedly, it would also be great if there was a key to run svn resolved. I've had this addition in my .emacs for a while to achieve that:

(defun svn-resolved ()
  "Resolve conflict on current buffer"
  (shell-command (concat "svn resolved " (buffer-file-name))))
(define-key 'vc-prefix-map "R" 'svn-resolved)


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