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bug#3882: 23.0.60; Typo in Calc manual?

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: bug#3882: 23.0.60; Typo in Calc manual?
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:22:47 -0500
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Thanks for the bug report.  Where did you get the manual you are looking

> This is from section 2.2 of the Calc manual:

Using the CVS version of Emacs, section 2.2 of the Calc manual is the
Arithmetic Tutorial.

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>    This manual is divided into three major parts: the "Getting Started"
> chapter you are reading now, the Calc tutorial (chapter 2), and the
> Calc reference manual (the remaining chapters and appendices).
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

"About this manual", section 1.2, doesn't mention which chapter the
tutorial is.

> Perhaps that should say "chapter 4" instead? I.e. the tutorial seems to
> be numered chapter 4 now.

Also, the tutorial is chapter 2 here.
Perhaps you are using a different version of the manual, or processed it
differently.  How did you get the manual?


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