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bug#3659: FW: 23.0.95; crash on set-frame-font

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: bug#3659: FW: 23.0.95; crash on set-frame-font
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 10:48:40 +0100

> What happens if you do the following?
> (This is not a final fix, but it might be good enough for 23.1).
> *** emacs/src/charset.c.~  2009-07-07 09:40:19.000000000
> --- emacs/src/charset.c       2009-07-26 15:33:32.000000000 -0400
> ***************
> *** 654,660 ****
>       map = CHARSET_UNIFY_MAP (charset);
>     if (STRINGP (map))
>       load_charset_map_from_file (charset, map, control_flag);
> !   else
>       load_charset_map_from_vector (charset, map, control_flag);
>   }
> --- 654,660 ----
>       map = CHARSET_UNIFY_MAP (charset);
>     if (STRINGP (map))
>       load_charset_map_from_file (charset, map, control_flag);
> !   else if (VECTORP (map))
>       load_charset_map_from_vector (charset, map, control_flag);
>   }
Unfortunately, it still dies on M-x set-frame-font with a CFLAGS=-g
build, though it no longer seems to go into Fsignal with a CFLAGS=-g -O2

The CFLAGS=-g build is similar to the way it was with 2009-05-21 builds:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000e6380 in encode_char (charset=0x369f68, c=192) at charset.c:1819
1819              code_index = GET_TEMP_CHARSET_WORK_ENCODER (c);
(gdb) where
#0  0x000e6380 in encode_char (charset=0x369f68, c=192) at
#1  0x003337f8 in xfont_chars_supported (chars=9656829, xfont=0xc55b80, 
    encoding=0x369f68, repertory=0x0) at xfont.c:238
#2  0x003345c0 in xfont_supported_scripts (display=0xa0e000, 
    fontname=0xc83dfb "--------0------", props=5454596,
    at xfont.c:328
#3  0x00334e64 in xfont_list_pattern (display=0xa0e000, 
    pattern=0xffbeca84 "-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*", registry=5314561,

    script=5314561) at xfont.c:466
#4  0x00335240 in xfont_list (frame=7075332, spec=5454852) at
#5  0x002a6fc8 in font_list_entities (frame=7075332, spec=12894212)
    at font.c:2882
#6  0x002ad38c in Flist_fonts (font_spec=12894212, frame=7075332,
    prefer=12894212) at font.c:4314
#7  0x00146e8c in Fx_list_fonts (pattern=4221827, face=5314561,
    maximum=5314561, width=5314561) at xfaces.c:1904
#8  0x002830f4 in Feval (form=4221813) at eval.c:2390
#9  0x00282f24 in Feval (form=4221773) at eval.c:2361
#10 0x0027f738 in FletX (args=4221717) at eval.c:1028
#11 0x00282d7c in Feval (form=4221709) at eval.c:2323
#12 0x0027a668 in Fcall_interactively (function=10049921,
    keys=5348100) at callint.c:364
#13 0x002849c0 in Ffuncall (nargs=4, args=0xffbed578) at eval.c:3051
#14 0x00284160 in call3 (fn=5521529, arg1=10049921, arg2=5314609,
    at eval.c:2871
#15 0x001c2b00 in Fcommand_execute (cmd=10049921, record_flag=5314609, 
    keys=5314561, special=5314561) at keyboard.c:10524
#16 0x001c3074 in Fexecute_extended_command (prefixarg=5314561)
    at keyboard.c:10637
#17 0x00284930 in Ffuncall (nargs=2, args=0xffbed888) at eval.c:3045
#18 0x0027ce5c in Fcall_interactively (function=5378625,
    keys=5348100) at callint.c:868
#19 0x002849c0 in Ffuncall (nargs=4, args=0xffbedb40) at eval.c:3051
#20 0x00284160 in call3 (fn=5521529, arg1=5378625, arg2=5314561,
    at eval.c:2871
#21 0x001c2b00 in Fcommand_execute (cmd=5378625, record_flag=5314561, 
    keys=5314561, special=5314561) at keyboard.c:10524
#22 0x001ab868 in command_loop_1 () at keyboard.c:1903
#23 0x00280aa4 in internal_condition_case (bfun=0x1a9170
    handlers=5385361, hfun=0x1a85f8 <cmd_error>) at eval.c:1512
#24 0x001a8c58 in command_loop_2 () at keyboard.c:1359
#25 0x00280214 in internal_catch (tag=5378409, func=0x1a8c2c
    arg=5314561) at eval.c:1248
#26 0x001a8bd0 in command_loop () at keyboard.c:1338
#27 0x001a7e88 in recursive_edit_1 () at keyboard.c:953
#28 0x001a8148 in Frecursive_edit () at keyboard.c:1015
#29 0x001a597c in main (argc=2, argv=0xffbee394) at emacs.c:1854

Lisp Backtrace:
"x-list-fonts" (0xffbecf14)
"completing-read" (0xffbed07c)
"let*" (0xffbed234)
"call-interactively" (0xffbed57c)
"execute-extended-command" (0xffbed88c)
"call-interactively" (0xffbedb44)

I'll try Kenichi Handa's suggestion soon.

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