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bug#3907: bad result for insert-kbd-macro

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: bug#3907: bad result for insert-kbd-macro
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 13:44:56 +0200

>> I created a macro and called insert-kbd-macro on it.  This is the
>> result:
>> (fset 'allegati
>>    [?e ?\C-[ ?< ?\C-s ?t ?e ?x ?t ?/ ?h ?t ?m ?l ?\C-m ?\C-[ ?{ ?\C-[ ?{ 
>> ?\C-[ ?} ?\C-x ?q ?\C-[ ?x ?k ?e ?e ?p ?\C-m ?f ?i ?l ?e ?n ?a ?m ?e ?= 
>> ?\C-m ?\C-m ?\C-m ?\C-[ ?% ?. ?* ?f ?i ?l ?e ?n ?a ?m ?e ?= ?\" ?\\ ?( ?[ ?^ 
>> ?\" ?] ?+ ?\\ ?) ?\" ?\C-m ?  ?[ ?  ?\\ ?1 ?  ?] ?\C-m ?! ?\C-m ?\C-m ?\C-m 
>> ?\C-x ?q ?\C-c ?\C-c ?o ?\C-[ ?\C-? ?i ?s ?i ?\C-m ?\C-[ ?p ?  ?d ?\C-[ ?> 
>> up ?\C-c ?\C-c ?\C-m])
>> 1) first, if I go to the end of the macro and hit C-x C-e, it appears
>>    that the sexp is not correctly evaluated, as the parser sees
>>    unbalanced parentheses
>This is a bug in the emacs-lisp-mode, mostly.  But indeed, the printer
>should also be more careful to escape the chars that cause problem for
>the emacs-lisp-mode (i.e. print ?\[ rather than ?[ in your above
>This said, IIUC the printer used in Emacs-23 does pay attention this
>problem and insert-kbd-macro gave me (for example):
>   (setq last-kbd-macro
>      [?a left ?\[])
>so the problem seems to be fixed in Emacs-23.  Can you confirm?

Yes.  In fact, I thought I had tried in Emacs 23, but by error I was
running Emacs 22...

>> 2) second, insert-kbd-macro used to write the strings between double
>>    quotes, which is generally more readable and allows for easy editing;
>>    I do not know wht it used the vector style here
>There's an `up' symbol in there, which couldn't fit in a string.
>In general an event is not a char any more (it used to be, back in the
>tty days when bytes and chars were the same thing), so a sequence of
>events should preferably always be represented as an array of events,
>rather than as a string (although, insert-kbd-macro still appears to use
>a string when possible).

Right, thank you for the explanation.

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