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bug#3964: 23.1.50; checkdoc more safe-local-variable

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: bug#3964: 23.1.50; checkdoc more safe-local-variable
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 09:05:43 +1000
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I noticed a couple of checkdoc.el variables which could have
safe-local-variable settings.  I struck checkdoc-arguments-in-order-flag
and checkdoc-symbol-words in bongo.el.

The checkdoc-symbol-words docstring invites you to set it as a local
variable, so it in particular ought to have something for what's safe.

2009-07-30  Kevin Ryde  <address@hidden>

        * emacs-lisp/checkdoc.el (checkdoc-force-history-flag,
        checkdoc-arguments-in-order-flag): Add safe-local-variable booleanp.
        (checkdoc-symbol-words): Add safe-local-variable for list of strings,
        clarify docstring that the value is strings not symbols.

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