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bug#3953: 23.0.94; GPG interaction fails

From: Daiki Ueno
Subject: bug#3953: 23.0.94; GPG interaction fails
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 08:59:16 +0900
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>>>>> In <address@hidden> 
>>>>>   Torsten Bronger <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Can you insert debug-prints in epg-wait-for-completion?  It would be
> > something like:
> >
> > (message "epg-process-filter-running: %S" epg-process-filter-running)

> And where should I put it exactly?

Like this:

(defun epg-wait-for-completion (context)
  "Wait until the `epg-gpg-program' process completes."
  (while (eq (process-status (epg-context-process context)) 'run)
    (accept-process-output (epg-context-process context) 1))
  (message "epg-process-filter-running: %S" epg-process-filter-running) ;; <-
  (sleep-for 0.1)
  (message "epg-process-filter-running: %S" epg-process-filter-running) ;; <-

Daiki Ueno

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