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bug#4003: c-c tab is not works

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: bug#4003: c-c tab is not works
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 00:57:58 +0200

I agree that it is important that this information is as accurate as
possible. Especially since using mail from Emacs is probably not that
common for new users.

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 8:16 PM, sergey<address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi Sergey,
>> Thanks for the bug report. Typing C-c TAB is supposed to work when you
>> are writing the bug report. Didn't it work for you then?
> You are right, C-c TAB works. And works only while I writing the bug report. 
> It does not work after it. But words in "*Bug Help*" buffer do not say about 
> this.
> Let see situation from begin.
> 1. Start Emacs under X.
> 2. Type "M-x report-emacs-bug", enter, "test", enter.
> 3. Emacs now has 3 visible buffers:
> - buffer for entering bug report at top;
> - buffer with phrase "Type C-c TAB to visit in Info..." etc at middle;
> - minibuffer at bottom.
> 4. Top buffer is active. C-c TAB works in it. Type C-c TAB and
> help "60 Reporting Bugs" will be opened in top buffer.
> 5. Click with left mouse button to the middle buffer (buffer with words about 
> C-c TAB).
> 6. Now middle buffer is active. C-c TAB does not work in it.
> Type C-c TAB and you will get "C-c TAB is undefined" in bottom buffer.
> IMHO this is a bug. We have words "Type C-c TAB to visit in Info...". This 
> words
> does not contain information that C-c TAB works in one buffer and does not 
> work in other.
> So, C-c TAB should work in all buffers. Or we should change words "Type C-c 
> TAB to visit in Info..." to something like "Type C-c TAB (when buffer 
> "*mail*" is active) to visit in Info...".
> -----------------------
> With best regards,
> Sergey

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