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bug#3794: Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in json

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: bug#3794: Several other problems in gdb-mi [RE: bug#3794: Error in json from gdb-ui]
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 10:20:23 +0800

> > 6. Completion should be done with the emacs completion feature,
> > i.e. try-completion, completing-read etc.
> Do you mean the completion of commands in GUD buffer?

Yes.  Currently, completion behaves like this (the vertical bar `|'
indicates the cursor):

(gdb) b redis|                  ;; Hit TAB.
b redisplay_dont_pause
b redisplay_interface
b redisplay_internal
b redisplay_mode_lines
b redisplay_performed_directly_p
b redisplay_preserve_echo_area
b redisplay_window
b redisplay_window_0
b redisplay_window_1
b redisplay_window_error
b redisplay_windows
b redisplaying_p
(gdb) b redisplay |             ;; There is an extra space character
                 ! ;               ;; after `redisplay'.  This seems to
                ;; be due to `redisplay' being an
                ;; available completion.

Previously, completion in gdb is done this way:

(gdb) b redis|                  ;; Hit TAB.
(gdb) b redisplay|              ;; The first time TAB is hit,
                                ;; completes to that match.
(gdb) b redisplay|              ;; H! it TAB again.
(gdb) b redisplay|    &nb! sp;         ;; And the *Completions* window is
                                ;; popped up to show all available
                ;; completions.

At that point, the user can type RET to accept `redisplay' as the
match, or type more characters and then try other completions.

Guanpeng Xu

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