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bug#1765: Copy/paste inconsistent with other X apps

From: Ole Laursen
Subject: bug#1765: Copy/paste inconsistent with other X apps
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 21:31:39 +0200

I just got Emacs 23 on my Debian system - nice work!

However, it seems the algorithm has changed? Or maybe I just didn't
test it correctly last time. With x-select-enable-clipboard at t, you
can do the following sequence:

1. Select "foo" in Firefox, copy it with C-c.
2. Select "bar" in Firefox with the mouse.
3. Switch to Emacs and hit C-y and get "foo" as mandated by the spec (great!).

However, if you switch back to Firefox and select "apples", then
switch to Emacs and hit C-y, you now get "apples" instead of "foo"? I
tried setting x-select-enable-primary to nil, but then middle-mouse is
broken and selecting something in Emacs with the mouse doesn't put it
in primary.

I did try the suggestion in the updated docstring for
select-active-regions, but it didn't quite work, maybe because
select-active-regions was broken before the patch.

The automagic going on in the relevant function confuses me, but maybe
that's because it's written with the old behaviour in mind (no
difference between primary/clipboard) with these options being bolted
on afterwards. It appears to me that it's lacking a
dont-use-selection-when-yanking-and-kill-ring-when-inserting setting,
then the two x-select-enable-* could be left at true.

Ole Laursen

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