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bug#4165: 23.1.50; Typo in (info "(emacs)International Chars")

From: Leo
Subject: bug#4165: 23.1.50; Typo in (info "(emacs)International Chars")
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 02:32:42 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/23.1.50 (darwin)

Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:

,----[ (info "(emacs)International Chars") ]
|              character: A` (192, #o300, #xc0)
|      preferred charset: unicode (Unicode (ISO10646))
|             code point: 0xC0
|                 syntax: w     which means: word
|               category: j:Japanese l:Latin v:Vietnamese
|            buffer code: #xC3 #x80
|              file code: not encodable by coding system undecided-unix
|                display: by this font (glyph code)
|          xft:-unknown-DejaVu Sans 
Mono-normal-normal-normal-*-13-*-*-*-m-0-iso10646-1 (#x82)

A` should be À.


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