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bug#4306: Emacs system encoding error, with scandinavian letters in fold

From: Jonas Bæklund
Subject: bug#4306: Emacs system encoding error, with scandinavian letters in folder name. (Windows)
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 10:12:33 +0200


I am really enjoying using emacs, but i have found an error that makes my work flow a little slower.

I have tested the issue on the version 23.1.1 on a windows xp, have also found the problem in 22.2.1

First i recognized the problem, when I used AUCtex and from emacs called an external pdf-viewer called sumatraPDF.
SumatraPDF then saved its settings in c:/Documents and Settings/Jonas B'klund/Applikation Data
But my user on the system is "Jonas Bæklund", so the call from emacs have changed the danish letter æ to ' .
When I called the pdf-viewer directly from windows or from the commandspromt it saved its settings in the correct folder.

Playing around with emacs and sumatraPDF, I found that it is with nearly 100% certainty isn't sumatraPDF that is the problem:
The reason is that I tried to run emacs on my desktop, it starts up nicely, but when I tried to open the internal Top Level Customization Group, it reported the following error:

defconst: Cannot open doc string file "c:/Documents and Settings/Jonas B\346klund/Skrivebord/emacs-23.1/lisp/wid-edit.elc" 

Here it should be said that Skrivebord is the danish word for Desktop.
So it seems that there is some error in the encoding of the username/ folder name in emacs, that have changed æ to \346

Hope you can find some solution, since it could be nice to get rid of this extra "user" when using emacs with sumatraPDF.

/Jonas Bæklund

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