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bug#4325: 23.1; kp-0 in ispell

From: Per Starbäck
Subject: bug#4325: 23.1; kp-0 in ispell
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 11:43:35 +0200

2009/9/3 Andreas Schwab <address@hidden>:
> Per Starbäck <address@hidden> writes:
>> +                   ;; Convert kp-0 to ?0, etc.
>> +                   (when (symbolp char)
>> +                     (setq char (get char 'ascii-character)))
>                        (setq char (or (get char 'ascii-character) char)))

Yes, that is maybe clearer (I'm not sure really), even though it's
unnecessary. (Any other
symbol will immediately trigger input-invalid anyway, so nil is as
good as the previous value.)

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