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bug#4375: 23.1.50; can't kill killed gud buffer

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: bug#4375: 23.1.50; can't kill killed gud buffer
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 21:12:00 +1200

 > Looks as if my earlier bug report hasn't appeared (the other bug was why 
 > I was trying --annotate)
 > If I run with -i=mi I get lots of
 >     mi_cmd_stack_info_frame: No arguments required
 > messages.

Even if "-i=mi" doesn't work for you "--annotate" is not the answer.  The mode
in 23.1.50 really needs GDB 7.0, which han't been released yet!  There used to
be two GDB releases per year but the last was back in March of last year.  It's
hard to co-ordinate changes but the aim is for it to be released shortly.

 >          Also if I try turning on tooltips when I hold the mouse over a 
 > variable I get the message
 >     error in process filter: Args out of range: "", 0, -1

Yes I can see that this with GDB 7.0 - so that's another bug.  Thanks for the

 > There's also a longish wait on startup when it is turning off non stop mode
 > and I see the message there
 >     No symbol "non" in current context.
 > in the gdb buffer, I don't know if that is expected?

This is related to old GDB.  Emacs enquires if it can run these versions of
GDB in non-stop mode but can't prevent the display of the resultant error
message because it is duplicated in the console output, which goes to the GUD

 > If I then do a quit in the debugger I also get the message about the 
 > process not running.

Hmm, I don't know but if you can get GDB 7.0 most (but not all) of these 
will clear up.  If you need to use GDB in earnest it's probably best to use the
released Emacs 23.1 which uses "--annotate".  However, if you have some time,
then I appreciate bug reports for Emacs 23.1.50.  Ultimately this latter mode
will be much better than the current one but it depends on users making bug
reports because I don't use it that often now.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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