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bug#4375: 23.1.50; can't kill killed gud buffer

From: Jan D.
Subject: bug#4375: 23.1.50; can't kill killed gud buffer
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 12:41:51 +0200

9 sep 2009 kl. 11.12 skrev address@hidden (Nick Roberts):

Looks as if my earlier bug report hasn't appeared (the other bug was why
I was trying --annotate)
If I run with -i=mi I get lots of

   mi_cmd_stack_info_frame: No arguments required

Even if "-i=mi" doesn't work for you "--annotate" is not the answer. The mode
in 23.1.50 really needs GDB 7.0, which han't been released yet!

Are you saying that when 23.2 is released Gdb 7.0 will be required?

Can the 23.1 gdb-mode work with 23.1.50? I'd really like to be able to debug with gdb-mode in the current CVS trunk. Installing Gdb 7.0 is not an option.

     Jan D.

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