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bug#4408: 23.1; suggestion: a elisp function for copying and deleting wh

From: Xah Lee
Subject: bug#4408: 23.1; suggestion: a elisp function for copying and deleting whole dir
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 13:05:28 -0700

it appears to me, this is a good suggestion.

there lacks a function to copy and delete directories recursively.

in the elisp manual, the closest is:
(info "(elisp) Create/Delete Dirs")

it would be good to have a function that copy a whole dir, and another for deleting whole dir.

Emacs does implement them in dired, or in eshell, apparently, but it's not easy to use them.

many scripting langs provide such functions, and is very convenient.

for deleting dir, perhaps this can be implemented:
(delete-directory dirname &optional recursive)

for copying dir, perhaps it can be modeled on copy-file:
-- Command: copy-file oldname newname &optional ok-if-exists time

these should be perhaps few hours to implement for elisp developers, perhaps by just pulling existing implementation from dired or eshell.

Once implemented, they'd be standard functions in elisp manual. They would be great convience for average elisp coders.

As a personal example, i needed to both copy dir recursively and also delete whole dir, in my use of elisp as a text processing lang. So far i've been just calling shell. e.g.
(shell-command (concat "cp -R " fromDir " " toDir))
(shell-command (concat "find " destDir " -type d -name \"xx*\" -exec rm -R {} \\;"))

my script worked well in the past 2 years, but replying on unix shell has many complications. For example, recently i need my script to work on Windows. With Windows, there's many complications, e.g. which unix shell you use cygwin, msys, their config, their path env var config in emacs, both are inter-related to which emacs distribution one is using (e.g. what shell runs when you do M-x shell). Then, recently in one emacs distro i'm trying out eshell (in hope that it perhaps more cross-platform than M-x shell or Lennart emacsW23's shell, cmd-shell, msys-shell), but discovered that eshell chocks on this standard bash syntax
find -name "*el" -exec rm {} \;
(reported in bug #4406. Doesn't work when called as shell-command neither)

In short, something trivial turns out to be 5 or more hours to trying to get it work.

emacs + elisp is a great text processing lang, and one big advantage is that it is cross platform. So, all things considered, i think the suggestion in this report is a very good one, in particular its ratio of impact/ease-to-implement is relatively high.

if i eventually got a solution from looking into dired or eshell for copying/deleting dir, i'll update this report with code for draft implementation.


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