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bug#4177: 23.1; whitespace-mode and typing spaces

From: Vinicius Jose Latorre
Subject: bug#4177: 23.1; whitespace-mode and typing spaces
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 22:52:20 -0300
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Hi Eli,

All problems you had pointed out are due to the way whitespace uses font-lock.

I'll try to modified the font-lock programming using some functions (plus regular
expressions) instead of only regular expressions.

BTW, you said you are using quiet colors, could you send me back these colors?

> `whitespace-mode' is generally very useful, but there are some
> annoyances:
> * Unlike `show-trailing-whitespace', spaces at the end of a line are
>   shown even if the cursor is right after them.  This means that just
>   typing some text is flashing the highlights on and off (I'm sure
>   that this would be extremely unpleasant if I wouldn't have chosen a
>   very quiet color for that...).
> * In a similar way, if you type some stuff on a first line, then hit
>   enter a few times, the whole empty part is highlighted (if empty
>   line at the bob/eob are highlighted).  This is similar because in
>   this case it is also likely that more text will eventually be
>   entered.
> * There is another problems with highlighting the initial/final
>   segment of empty lines -- looks like it's the problem of using
>   font-lock with a multi-line pattern, which means that it's not
>   dealing with it gracefully (eg, adding a line will un-highlight only
>   the line right next to it).  Together with the last point, this
>   means that if you do something like this (in a fresh buffer):
>     foo RET RET RET RET bar RET
>   you're left with the middle highlighted.

Thanks for your report,


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