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bug#4451: 23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: bug#4451: 23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 16:26:12 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:

From: Reiner Steib <address@hidden>

on Windows (with diff.exe from cygwin), I get annoying `^M' characters
in the diff output (see attached file vc-diff-2.output) when using
`C-x v =' (`vc-diff') on a file with Unix-style EOL.

If you diff the same two files from the shell prompt using the same
diff.exe, what kind of EOLs do you get in the output?  Is the result
similar to what you see in vc-diff?

I don't diff two files, but I use CVS on a single file. So I guess you mean the "cvs diff" output. The output of "cvs diff" in cygwin's bash has DOS line endings, no duplicate "^M", see below.

The saved Emacs buffer from vc-diff (vc-diff-2.output) has "^M^M$" whereas the buffer from cvs-mode-diff (cvs-mode-diff.output) has "^M$". I checked the original files now, to avoid some mail transfer mangling.

Bye, Reiner

$ cvs diff K3.xml > /tmp/cygwin-cvs-diff.output

$ file /tmp/cygwin-cvs-diff.output
/tmp/cygwin-cvs-diff.output: RCS/CVS diff output text

$ tac /tmp/cygwin-cvs-diff.output | file -
/dev/stdin: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators

$ cvs diff SK3.xml | cat --show-all
Aaaaa: AA1.aaa^M$
AAA aaaa: A:\a\A\Aa\A/A/A/A/Aa/K3.xml,v^M$
aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa 1.1^M$
aaaa -a -a1.1 AA1.aaa^M$
--- K3.xml^I11 Aaa 1111 11:11:11 -1111^I1.1^M$
+++ K3.xml^I11 Aaa 1111 11:11:11 -1111^M$
@@ -1,1 +1,1 @@^M$
 <?aaa aaaaaaa='1.1'^I^M$
-<aaaaaa aaaa='AA1'^I^M$
+<aaaaaa aaaa='AA1_aaaa_aaa11111'^I^M$
@@ -1111,1 +1111,11 @@^M$
+ />^I^M$
+<aaaaaaaaAaaaaaAaaa aaaaa='aaaa://aaa.aaa.aaa/aaa/AaaaAaaaa/AAA'^I^M$
+ aaaaaAA='1111111'^I^M$
+ Aaaaaaa='aaaa'^I^M$
+ aaAaaaaa='Aaaaaa'^I^M$
+ aaaaaAaaa='AAAA_Aaaaaa_AaaaAaaaaa'^I^M$
+ aaaaaaaa='aaaaaa'^I^M$
+ aaaaaaaa='aaaa'^I^M$
+ aaaaa='aaaaa'^I^M$
+ aaaaaaaaAaaa=''^I^M$
+ aaa='AAA 11.111'^I^M$
+ aaaaaAaaa='1/1111'^I^M$
+ aaAaaaaAaaaaaaaaa='Aa'^I^M$
+ aaAaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaa='Aaa'^I^M$
 <AaaaAaaaaaa aaaaa='aaaa://aaa.aaa.aaa/aaa/AaaaAaaaa/AAA'^I^M$

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