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bug#4504: 23.1; [missing feature] `minibuffer-force-completion' does not

From: Bruno Barbier
Subject: bug#4504: 23.1; [missing feature] `minibuffer-force-completion' does not cycle through completions
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 16:20:16 +0200
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* Problem

The function `minibuffer-force-complete' does not cycle
through completions; it just steps through the completion list once.

* Step to reproduce:

  1. In a shell
        emacs -Q --eval "(progn                                        \
                           (define-key minibuffer-local-completion-map \
                               (kbd \"M-<tab>\" )                      \
                               #'minibuffer-force-complete)            \
                           (setq unread-command-events                 \
                                (append '(?\M-x ?s ?e ?t ?- ?v)        \
                                        '(tab M-tab M-tab)             \
                                        unread-command-events ))       \
                           ) \
  2. Hit M-<tab>

* Result

   M-<tab> offers only "set-visited-file-name" as the sole completion.

* Expected result

   M-<tab> should allow cycling through the choices:



* Proposed solution

See attached patch against today CVS version ([2009-09-21 Mon]).

* Proposed ChangeLog item if needed.

2009-09-21    <address@hidden> or whoever commits it

        * minibuffer.el: The function `minibuffer-force-complete' now cycles
        through the completion choices (it was just stepping through the
        completion list once).

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