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bug#4363: 23.1.50; fullscreen (-mode) almost fullscreen

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#4363: 23.1.50; fullscreen (-mode) almost fullscreen
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:27:11 +0200
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Ulrich Neumerkel skrev:
Jan Djaerv schrieb:
Ulrich Neumerkel skrev:
Windowmanagers still put a titlebar on the fullscreen window.  This can
be avoided by setting the Motif nodecoration hint.  This works in Gnome,
KDE, and many windowmanagers.
(set-frame-parameter () 'fullscreen nil)

Note that fullscreen is all done by the window manager. Emacs tells the window manager to put the window in fullscreen and the window manager does all the rest.

Thank you for the hint! I should M-x info, not merely view-emacs-news.

With fullboth there are no titles under Gnome, fine!  The no mouse's
land between left screen side and scrollbar is still there which is
irritating for mouse positioning.  It is exactly as wide as the
internal border.  With (set-frame-parameter () 'internal-border-width 0)
this can be removed.  Ideally, would be part of fullboth, such that
(set-frame-parameter () 'fullscreen nil) restores the original state.

Also, the remaining white vertical line on the left side of the screen
could be removed in fullscreen.  For smaller width of the scrollbar
that line looks quite "noisy" and irritates because it suggests that
exact positioning is necessary.

I tried various resolutions, screens and looked at differences in
scroll-bar-width.  For some, there opens up a space between (left)
scrollbar and fringe - sometimes this is on the right side
(perferable): (set-frame-parameter () 'scroll-bar-width 11)

Well, it is dependent on the screen resolution, the font used and the theme used for the scroll bar. Also, border or not is a matter of taste.


Ideally, the left side (that's where one is looking at most of the
time) looks always the same regardless of screen width.  Having some
internal border on the right side for padding is less irritating.  (I
would prefer here to take some pixels off the fringe, all else equal.)

Another point is the echo area: The space below the echo area is
currently used for padding in fullscreen.  This looks irritating
because it suggests that some over long line is present and makes me
search the entire area, could be lot's of spaces... Like C-x C-e on
"\n" Maybe padding is better put to the top or both.

This is hard work for little gain.

For the qvwm windowmanager (preinstalled on IGEL X-terminals) neither
maximized nor fullboth works.  Yet, other programs are still able to
go fullscreen under qvwm (like acroread).  What I do there so far with
Emacs is to set this Motif nodecoration hint.  That removes the
decoration.  The rest manually with geometries.

Qvwm probably don't support EWMH. Programs like acroread use override redirect to do fullscreen. I am not willing to do that for Emacs, since if anything goes wrong, you are stuck.

I manually added that ad-hoc for some time - since about 20.7. Here is one

Within Gnome, switching with Alt-TAB between windows causes irritating
flicker with an Emacs fullscreen present.
Irritating flicker in Emacs or the other windows? If the other windows, there is nothing we can do.

After some experiments with other fullscreen programs: It's very
probably compiz.real (part of Gnome) - if that is killed, things work
as expected.  (During Alt-Tab the fullscreen program tries to regain
the screen)

Things have really improved a lot!  Why not put a fullscreen-mode on

I'm not sure F11 is a common key for fullscreen. I'll have to investigate that first.

I'm closing this bug, as the bug part has been fixed.

        Jan D.

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