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bug#4513: NS: File menu missing

From: David Reitter
Subject: bug#4513: NS: File menu missing
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 21:34:24 -0400

Further to this issue to confirm our diagnosis:


Backward Compatibility

One backward compatibility mechanism that is occasionally used in the frameworks is to check for the version of the system an application was built against, and if an older system, modify the behavior to be more compatible. This is done in cases where bad incompatibility problems are predicted or discovered; and most of these are listed below in these notes.

Typically we detect where an application was built by looking at the version of the System, Cocoa, AppKit, or Foundation frameworks the application was linked against. Thus, as a result of relinking your application on Leopard, you might notice different behaviors, some of which might cause incompatibilities.


NSApplication application menu item title (New since WWDC 2008)

In Leopard, the first item in the main menu (the application menu) would have its title modified to the empty string. In SnowLeopard, this is only done for apps linked on Leopard or earlier: new apps will not see this title modified. The title of the this menu item is ignored for display purposes - the application menu always reflects the application name.

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