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bug#4538: 23.1; kill-line doesn't with show-trailing-whitespace

From: andy . ling
Subject: bug#4538: 23.1; kill-line doesn't with show-trailing-whitespace
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 11:47:58 +0100

Glenn Morris <address@hidden> wrote on 25/09/2009 07:17:39:

> address@hidden wrote:
> > I can't believe everybody wants this behaviour. So to that end can I
> > suggest the traditional emacs approach is adopted and it is made
> > configurable.
> Yes, but there shouldn't be options for absolutely everything.

True, but as at least one person wanted this behaviour and RMS
seemed to support it. So I thought it might be easier than going
back to the old behaviour.

> The current behaviour makes no sense at all to me.

I agree. Add my vote to the list.

> Let's see if anyone else has anything to say on this matter...

I'll leave it in your hands and await the outcome then.


Andy Ling


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