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bug#4543: window-full-height-p

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#4543: window-full-height-p
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:16:46 -0400
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> When I have two side-by-side windows and toggle scroll-bar-mode the
> frame resizes by exactly the same amount as if it had only one window.
> So the size available for displaying text within windows changes
> relatively to the number of side-by-side window I have when toggling
> scroll-bar mode.  This is not reasonable.  I'd prefer the frame size to
> not change at all when I toggle scroll-bar-mode.  If it is supposed to
> change, then all windows would have to change their total width too.

Yes, that's clearly not the right behavior.  If you want to change
things so that the scrollbar&fringes are counted in "windows" but not in
"frames" to try and avoid these problems, feel free to try.

> Honestly, I never want my frame size to change unless I explicitly ask
> it to do so.  And I never care about the size of my frame measured in
> lines or columns.  What does annoy me is that a maximized Emacs frame
> changes its size when I toggle scroll-bars or resize the minibuffer.

Agreed.  The fact that sizes are counted in "characters" is also
undesirable for GUI frames.  At some point I suggested to just force the
"canonical character size" to always be 1x1, but IIUC this would
be inefficient.  IIRC, Kim Storm had done some preliminary work towards
getting rid of this "canonical character size" issue.  I'd be a good
change (would solve several minor problems we have, with wasted pixels
here and there).


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