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bug#4451: 23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#4451: 23.1; EOL problems with vc-diff and cygwin
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 15:03:09 -0400
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>> Currently, VC reads diff's output using the coding-system used for the
>> file, which seems like a sane choice, but in the above case it leads to the
>> problem we've seen.

> If this is the whole truth, then how come using the --binary switch to
> Diff (which is supposed to produce Unix-style EOLs in Diff's output)
> results in an even more garbled text in the Emacs buffer?

No sure.  One interesting thing is that his --binary output seems to
indicate that his file's revision 1.2 was using DOS-style EOLs wereas
the current version is using Unix-style EOLs.  So maybe that has
something to do with the problem, indeed.  Also, of course it may also
depend on the CVS version used on the repository's server.


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