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bug#4609: gdb command history doesn't work with emacs-speaks-statistics

From: McDave
Subject: bug#4609: gdb command history doesn't work with emacs-speaks-statistics
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 08:03:40 -0700 (PDT)

If I launch gdb in emacs using M-x gdb then M-p and M-n navigate the command
history as expected.

However, I generally launch gdb with C-u M-x R [RET] -d gdb [RET], launched
this way M-p and M-n navigate R's command history (e.g. following "run") but
when at the (gdb) prompt they return "No command on this line"

I have the same issue with both emacs 22 from the Ubuntu (I'm running
Jaunty) repositories a recent (this week) CVS copy of emacs 23.

Yesterday I did seem to solve the problem using "set history save on", but
today that no longer works despite...

(gdb) show history
expansion:  History expansion on command input is on.
filename:  The filename in which to record the command history is
save:  Saving of the history record on exit is on.
size:  The size of the command history is 256.

Moreover, the command history is clearly being recorded

(gdb) show commands
    1  show history
    2  set history expansion on
    3  show history
    4  show commands

so why can't M-p do what it should? I guess this is a gdb~ess clash, but how
to go further?


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