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bug#4689: 23.1.50; Matching of error lines in *compilation* buffer is br

From: LanX
Subject: bug#4689: 23.1.50; Matching of error lines in *compilation* buffer is broken for perl-files
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 18:28:54 +0200

Glenn, as I showed, the behavior  of emacs 23 in this respect is very inconsistent on different systems.

If mode-compile and cperl-mode need an update it would be only fair to know to which specification it needs to be updated to!

Or do you think emacs 23 is not an example of consistent software???

2009/10/9 Glenn Morris <address@hidden>
LanX wrote:

> - Installing emacs 23
> - Loading perl-code with errors
> - M-x mode-compile

mode-compile is not part of Emacs.

> - Effect: The errorlines, filenames and linenumbers are not recognized or
> activated in *compilation*
> No problem whatsoever with emacs 22 and the same configs!
> DIAGNOSIS: It seems like the handling of regexes in compile.el
> changed considerably from 22 to 23, breaking compatibility with
> mode-compile.el!!!

Then mode-compile probably needs updating.

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