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bug#4724: 23.1; emacsclient: Specify desired terminal type instead of us

From: Lluis
Subject: bug#4724: 23.1; emacsclient: Specify desired terminal type instead of using `-c'
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 22:41:08 +0200
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I use

    emacsclient -e "(remember-other-frame)"

for quick note-taking.

I use this together with an advice around remember-other-frame (similar to [0]),
such that finishing or cancelling the note deletes the frame and lets me
seamlessly resume my workflow.

However, this only works in a graphical environment if there is already an

    emacsclient -c ...

running, as otherwise emacs throws

    *ERROR*: Unknown terminal type

Even more, running

    emacsclient -c -e "(remember-other-frame)"

opens two frames: the one coming from the `emacsclient -c' and the one created
by `remember-other-frame'.

This is specially annoying, as cancelling the note (C-g) deletes both frames,
but finishing the note (C-c C-c) just deletes the remember frame.

So, could it be possible to tell `emacsclient' which terminal type to use
without instructing it to open a new frame for itself?



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