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bug#4751: 23.1; `read-char' inserts accented chars when you use `M-' mod

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: bug#4751: 23.1; `read-char' inserts accented chars when you use `M-' modifier
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 00:36:05 +0200
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"Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:

> emacs -Q
> M-: (read-char "aaa: ")
> Hit `M-a'.
> That returns an `a' char with acute accent - 225 (#o341, #xe1).
> Similarly, for other `Meta' key sequences. `read-char-exclusive' does
> the same thing.
> The doc string does say:
> "If the character has modifiers, they are resolved and reflected to the
> character code if possible (e.g. C-SPC -> 0)."
> That's a bit cryptic ("reflected to the char code"?), but I guess it
> means this has something to do with character encodings?

Like "\M-a" (*note (elisp) Strings of Events::).


Andreas Schwab, address@hidden
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