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bug#3174: NS font selection still broken

From: David Reitter
Subject: bug#3174: NS font selection still broken
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:18:14 -0400

Adrian, readers of bugs 3174 and 3588,

There are still some bad issues with the font selection in the NS port.

For example, take the following unicode characters:

[∃]  2203  THERE EXISTS
[∈]  2208  ELEMENT OF

They are rendered perfectly in the Carbon port (at least in Aquamacs).

In NS, it uses Symbol for 2203, even though the glyph is available in the default font (like Monaco or Lucida Grande).
As a consequence, the symbol looks very small and is unreadable.

As for 2203, it also uses Symbol, even though Symbol doesn't even have the glyph.

This is on Snow Leopard.

I'm wondering if this is this the same bug as #3588. I would write to emacs-devel to ask for help, but I don't even know what exactly the problem is in the underlying code, and whether this is NS specific (I guess so)... I can happily file another bug report so we've got something to ignore :)

Let me know what if I can help.

- David

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