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bug#4887: 23.1; list-load-path-shadows produces broken buffer

From: Mark Lillibridge
Subject: bug#4887: 23.1; list-load-path-shadows produces broken buffer
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:08:37 -0800

Glenn Morris wrote:
>  Mark Lillibridge wrote:
>  > * turn on global-linum-mode
>  > * run list-load-path-shadows
>  > * observe that the resulting buffer, *Shadows*, has no line numbering,
>  global-linum-mode is defined using the macro `define-globalized-minor-mode'.
>  >From the Elisp manual entry on that macro:
>       Globally enabling the mode also affects buffers subsequently
>       created by visiting files, and buffers that use a major mode
>       other than Fundamental mode; but it does not detect the creation
>       of a new buffer in Fundamental mode.
>  And the *Shadows* buffer uses Fundamental mode.

    Ok, how do we go about deciding where the bug(s) lies?  Clearly,
linum is meant to work in all buffers:

;; Display line numbers for the current buffer.
;; Toggle display of line numbers with M-x linum-mode.  To enable
;; line numbering in all buffers, use M-x global-linum-mode.

This is the behavior I need -- I use voice commands to navigate among
lines and designate ranges of lines for operations -- so simply changing
linum's spec so that it does not work in fundamental buffers is

    Should linum use a different implementation method than
define-globalized-minor-mode?  (does one exist?)  

    Should we instead fix define-globalized-minor-mode to work with all
buffers?  Its documentation via ^h f claims it works in every buffer:

    define-globalized-minor-mode is an autoloaded Lisp macro in
    (define-globalized-minor-mode global-mode mode turn-on &rest keys)
    Make a global mode global-mode corresponding to buffer-local minor mode.
    turn-on is a function that will be called with no args in every buffer
      and that should try to turn mode on if applicable for that buffer.

Clearly at a minimum this is inconsistent with
define-globalized-minor-mode's actual behavior and Elisp manual entry.

What do people think?

- Mark

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