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bug#4524: 23.1.50; Fullscreen mode layout fixed (Reopen of bug#4363)

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: bug#4524: 23.1.50; Fullscreen mode layout fixed (Reopen of bug#4363)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:10:24 +0100
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Ulrich Neumerkel skrev:
In fullscreen mode, there is no way to configure the following (from the
original bug#4363):

 Using --without-toolkit-scroll-bars with the scrollbar on the left, the
 window should be shifted a couple of pixels to the left.  This helps to
 avoid the unclickable and irritating no man's land between the left
 screen border and the clickable scrollbar.  Otherwise using the
 scrollbar is more difficult as mouse movements must be very precise
 horizontally - vertical precision would suffice.  What I do here is
 either to use a negative geometry to avoid that space or I manually
 reposition that window.

Note that I am happy to find some clean (.emacs.el) way to do this.

There is no no-mans-land for the Gtk-version of Emacs. This fixes it for the Lucid-version:

(set-frame-parameter nil 'internal-border-width 0)

        Jan D.

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