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bug#4924: Emacs No Longer Reads Mac Text Files

From: Leif Strand
Subject: bug#4924: Emacs No Longer Reads Mac Text Files
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 18:13:53 -0800
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I added "(setq inhibit-null-byte-detection 1)" to my .emacs, and now everything works like a charm. Thanks!!!


Kenichi Handa wrote:
In article <address@hidden>, Leif Strand <address@hidden> writes:

Glad to hear that CR support is still there. Indeed, I've played with it a bit more, and it seems that trivial examples do work.

I can't figure out what algorithm Emacs is using to guess the kind of text file. So anyway, I've attached a tarball containing two files:

* ozymandias.txt: This a trivial example which does work. It was created in BBEdit 4.5.

* SqueakV1-18.sources: This is the file that triggered my complaint. Emacs 21 correctly identified this as a Mac file. In Emacs v23.1.50.1, I see one long line with a bunch of ^M characters.

Emacs now detects a file that contains NULL bytes as binary
file and use `no-conversion' for reading that file (see the
docstring of the variable `inhibit-null-byte-detection').
And SqueakV1-18.sources cotains NULL bytes at line 26527.
When I delete that line, the file is correctly detected as
Mac-eol format.

Kenichi Handa

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