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bug#5333: 23.1.91; NextStep/Mac OS X: emacs -nw crash in input_available

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: bug#5333: 23.1.91; NextStep/Mac OS X: emacs -nw crash in input_available_signal + 67 (keyboard.c:7514)
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 21:00:35 -0500
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According to the stack trace, the crash seems to happen by
dereferencing NULL pointer (with some offset) in a non-main thread
executing the following code in the SIGIO handler.

 if (input_available_clear_time)
   EMACS_SET_SECS_USECS (*input_available_clear_time, 0, 0);

EMACS_SET_SECS_USECS consists of multiple instructions, and
input_available_clear_time might be cleared to NULL by the main thread
between the NULL-check and the completion of EMACS_SET_SECS_USECS in a
non-main thread.

Could you try the following patch for a while to see if it can avoid
the issue?


Thank you for the patch.  I'll will test it this week.

I've been using YAMAMOTO's patch for two days, and no crashes.  Yay!

If I do not see a crash by Friday, then I will close bug#5333.


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