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bug#936: fixing/disabling the bug news->mail gateway

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#936: fixing/disabling the bug news->mail gateway
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 15:03:26 -0500
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It's a long-standing issue that the news->mail gateway does not work
with the bug tracker:


When someone posts a message to the gnu.emacs.bug newsgroup, it
appears on the bug-gnu-emacs mailing list, but not in the bug tracker.
For example, Ted Zlatanov's response to bug 5307 today. (Actually, he's
the only person I ever notice using the news gateway to post.)

The only idea I had to fix this was that the news->mail gateway should
inject messages into address@hidden rather than directly to
the bug-gnu-emacs list. (Debbugs would then automatically take care of
appending the data to an exiting report or creating a new bug
depending on whether the subject line contained an existing bug

Does anyone knw if this is doable? It doesn't seem to be possible in a
standard mailman setup, but could the FSF admins somehow add it as a
special case?

Otherwise I reiterate my proposal from


    I think it would be acceptable to make the gateway one-way,
    mail->news only. I don't think people need to be able to report
    bugs via usenet. For those who want to do so, gmane exists.

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