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bug#5364: 23.1.91; execute-extended-command should do like FFAP

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#5364: 23.1.91; execute-extended-command should do like FFAP
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 10:12:33 -0500
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SM> if you describe the cases where this repeatedly shows up for
SM> you, I can come up with a way to reconcile our difference.
> I sent tons in. And will keep on sending them... however as I am poorly

Single examples of "text at point" don't help me understand why this
happens *repeatedly*.  If you could describe where those chunks of text
come from and why you end up using them in M-x, maybe that would help.

> organized, they end up all over the bug system. Anyway, how about: the
> burden is on you to show why it is so bad... what ever it is we were

It's bad to have a default in the prompt which is almost always not the
one you want.  People will soon send bug reports about "M-x chooses dumb

> just discussing... as right now I discovered C-x i (insert-file)
> doesn't even know that I want to insert e.g., /etc/motd even though my
> cursor is right next to it and I have FFAP turned on. Anyway, that's all
> that I'm still good for these days, alerting you fellows to such
> shortcomings. Yes, I did want to insert a file right next to its name today.

In the pretest code, we've solved this problem by making M-n bring up
the "file at point" if you have ffap loaded (IIUC).  This should work
with all file-reading commands, contrary to FFAP itself which only
works for the commands it redefined.
So after C-x i, try M-n.


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