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bug#5401: tmm-menubar vs. parsimonious menus

From: jidanni
Subject: bug#5401: tmm-menubar vs. parsimonious menus
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 12:12:15 +0800

tmm-menubar is great, however, the *Completions* buffer it shows makes
the user very suspicious that there are more entries below the end of
it. Whereupon he hits TAB and kablammmm....

Anyway, please put a space and a period after the last item.

You could add a empty line instead, but that would waste screen space.

What is going on here is your normal *Completions* buffers split the
screen, so there is plenty of space after the completions, so the user
knows he sees them all, so won't hit TAB.

However the tmm-menubar *Completions* buffer is parsimonious in that it
only takes up as many lines as it needs, leading the user to wonder if
that is really all the completions there are.

In fact, you could make all *Completions* buffers be parsimonious, but
remember to add a " ." after the last item, so we know that's all there are!

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